Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday cam and went, but here's to a Monday Post!

Emi did dance for the first time this year and she absolutely loved it. She took at Moxie Dance and her dance teacher Chricia is freakin amazing. These are pictures of her first dance recital before and after. Her Grandma Kathy, Aunt Kayti, and cousins Kendall and Kaliray came to support. They gave her the pretty flowers and beanie-bear. Emi's class is a beginning dance and tap class. They did the cutest dance ever to Elmo splish-splash, and a tap number to the Muffin Man. I have a video and when I figure out how to upload it I'll put it on. It was adorable. Kurt who had said that this is the first and last year Emi would take dance 'cause it's a waste of money...changed his mind during this recital and said "Well, she should do what she loves to do...right?" Haha so I'm thinking she'll get to take again next year.

This picture is of Baby Austin in his cute little outfit....kind of a funny face, but I can't believe he'll be 1 month old tomorrow. Wow, how time flies.
And this is what he likes to do most. I love this kid to death, but man does he have some lungs on him...Wowser! My other two kids never just cried to cry, but this little cutie does just that. He cries for no apparent reason, and will not stop unless he is held...sometimes that doesn't even work. I guess you can't get all easy babies right? Good thing he's worth the work, hopefully its a a week long phase that will end tomorrow (hehehehe) A girl can dream right? Well, actually I'd have to day dream 'cause his favorite time to scream is from 1am-5am so I'm not doing too much dreaming these days.
And these two little cuties who have so much fun together are all snuggled up watching a movie.


Jennie said...

Glad she had a fun time in dance. She looks adorable in her costume.

Michael and Amanda Ellis said...

So cute! Emilee is adorable. And your little guys are so handsome and growing so quick! You are an awesome mom:)

Michael and Amanda Ellis said...

Oh, and I am 100% A OK with arranging a marriage between our kids:)

Lauren said...

Oh I love that last picture!!! SO CUTE!!!! Your such a great mom and you always stay so positive! =-) your such a great example