Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday cam and went, but here's to a Monday Post!

Emi did dance for the first time this year and she absolutely loved it. She took at Moxie Dance and her dance teacher Chricia is freakin amazing. These are pictures of her first dance recital before and after. Her Grandma Kathy, Aunt Kayti, and cousins Kendall and Kaliray came to support. They gave her the pretty flowers and beanie-bear. Emi's class is a beginning dance and tap class. They did the cutest dance ever to Elmo splish-splash, and a tap number to the Muffin Man. I have a video and when I figure out how to upload it I'll put it on. It was adorable. Kurt who had said that this is the first and last year Emi would take dance 'cause it's a waste of money...changed his mind during this recital and said "Well, she should do what she loves to do...right?" Haha so I'm thinking she'll get to take again next year.

This picture is of Baby Austin in his cute little outfit....kind of a funny face, but I can't believe he'll be 1 month old tomorrow. Wow, how time flies.
And this is what he likes to do most. I love this kid to death, but man does he have some lungs on him...Wowser! My other two kids never just cried to cry, but this little cutie does just that. He cries for no apparent reason, and will not stop unless he is held...sometimes that doesn't even work. I guess you can't get all easy babies right? Good thing he's worth the work, hopefully its a a week long phase that will end tomorrow (hehehehe) A girl can dream right? Well, actually I'd have to day dream 'cause his favorite time to scream is from 1am-5am so I'm not doing too much dreaming these days.
And these two little cuties who have so much fun together are all snuggled up watching a movie.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It just maybe might be time for an UPDATE...

Wow! I really wish I was better at this blogging thing. I think I'll make a goal to post once a week, ummm...that might be too ambitious but its better to shoot for the stars and land in the trees than shoot for the trees and land in the mud right? We've had a pretty exciting year. I'm not going to do a complete run-through but maybe I'll hit some high-lights. As most know (from my last post..haha) we had Weston December 4th of 2010, when he was 7months old...Surprise we found out we were pregnant again. After it taking us almost two years to get pregnant with Weston, it was a good surprise to have it happen so quickly and without trying, but unexpected and challenging as well. Being pregnant while taking care of a baby is a little tiring to say the least. Pregnancy went well, no major problems or complications. The only concern throughout the pregnancy was the baby's size. 'Cause I likes to grow them big. (: As it got closer to my due date my doctor informed me of his concerns and suggested doing a c-section. With Weston being 9lbs 4oz and having a shoulder distotia he was concerned about it happening again with not as favorable an outcome. So on Monday April 23rd I went in for my visit, baby was measuring 9lb 7oz. He told me its not a 100% accurate and baby's actual size could be anywhere from 8lb 7oz to 10lb 7oz. Kurt and I prayed a lot about it and decided that we didn't want to take any chances so we'd do a c-section wich was planned for April 27th. Tuesday April 24th my water broke and we headed up to McKay to have our little guy. He was born at 1:59pm via c-section...9lbs even and 21 1/2 inches long. During surgery I had the most calming feeling telling me that everything would be fine, and when my baby came out screaming and squirming it was the most amazing thing in the world. A strong contrast to Weston when he was born. We named our little guy Austin Daks Warner, middle name is an acronym for all our parents names (hence the different spelling). One of the blessing that we received is that the day we had Austin they lifted the no sibling rule so Weston and Emilee were both able to come meet him. The c-section wasn't hard at all, its the 6weeks recovery with no lifting anymore than your baby that has been killing me. Its so hard not being able to pick up Weston and hold him like I use to. Other updates....Weston had his first birthday, and is currently 18months old. He is such a big helper, he throws away his own diapers (along with anything else he sees fit). When its bath time he takes off his clothes and puts them in the hamper. And when its nap time he takes my hand walks with me to his room and climbs into his crib. It's like he's realized I can't do what I used to and he's trying to make it easier. Emilee turned 5 this year and will be starting kindergarten in the Fall...full day, Wow! not sure if I'm ready for that. She has seriously been so helpful with her little brothers and I just love having her around. My hubby Kurt will be graduating with his bachelors in accounting May excited for him to be done!!! He's worked so hard. As for me I'm adjusting to life as a mom of 3. There is never a dull moment but each of them is so special and full of so much personality. I've been blessed with amazing friends and family that have helped so much while I've been recovering. Ok, now that I've rambled on and on here are a few pictures for you...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Corduroy Dreams

This Blog is so stinking cute..Click on the Title and it will take you to it! She's doing this fun Giveaway of a "Made By" Plaque..These are the details below...but check out her site to see the cute pictures of the plaques.

Brought to you by Natalie @ Corduroy Dreams at 10:28 AM
Before I get to the LONG awaited giveaway, please check out my guest posts today on A-F Creations and Little Eme.

Now for the giveaway.... DRUMROLL....

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Good Luck!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Had a Boy!

Wow...its been a bit since I posted. We had our little boy on December 4th. He weighed 9lb 4oz and was 21 inches long. We named him Weston Kurtis Warner and we love him so much! Here's a brief update of the last few months.

My labor was pretty good, but my delivery was the absolute worst. There are a lot of details I'm not going to go into but the jest of it is that he got stuck at his shoulders with the cord wrapped around his neck. The nurses pushed down on my stomache with their arms to get him out. When he cam out his face was the color of a blueberry...and he wasn't breathing, it took them 13minutes to get him breathing on his own. The longest 13minutes of my life..We are so lucky he's here with us, we love him so much and are thankful everyday for those wonderful nurses and doctors that helped us.

Now for the pictures and updates...

While in an epidural sure makes labor nice. This is when things were still going pretty good.

This is what I saw when he first came out. Scared me to death...I just sat there bawling.

This was when we all breathed a sigh of relief, he started to cry...the best sound in the world.

The wonderful nurses and doctors that helped him to start breath on his own.

This is us at the hospital about an hour or two after delivery.

While I was having the baby Emilee fell out in the waiting room, cracked her chin open and was in the ER getting stitches...She was so proud. However I was told it took 6 people and her being wrapped in a pillowcase to get them put in and she still tore two out in the process. Now the ER knows the stubborness I deal with on a daily basis. ha ha

Weston had Jaundice pretty bad and had to be under the lights for about a week.

Merry Christmas!

My little brother Jase proposed on Christmas Eve. Him and Kelsi are getting married March 18th...Yay!

Happy New Years!

Weston 5 weeks old getting watched by grandma Shauna

Emilee making cookies with Grandma Shauna while being babysat.

Weston 5 weeks old.

Weston 7 weeks old and all bundled up.

We blessed Weston February 6th, on the same day as his cousin KaliRay. Lots of friends and family came to support.

Just one more picture of our adorable little guy...